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Containers and trailers for sale or rent

40'L x 9'6"H x 8'W
Preowned insulated container converted to a mobile office container with window, lights, 3' insulated man door, partition with door

48'L x 8'6"H x 8'6"W
Insulated storage preowned trailers with refrigerations unit removed, swing doors on one end. Wheels can be removed and trailer placed on ground for customer

All of our mobile storage units that we sell are also available for rent.

[vc_column_text]If you are deciding whether or not to rent or purchase we have a unique service that will make your decision much easier. We suggest that if you believe that your rental will be over 6 months than you should purchase the container or trailer and Containers R Us will purchase it back for between 60 – 85% of the purchased price once you have completed using the rental mobile storage unit.

Example: Rental of a 20′ container is $125/month plus pick up and delivery in the GTA is $295. After 6 months rental total before taxes is $1045. To purchase a 20′ container is $1800 plus delivery is $1950. After 6 months Containers R Us would purchase the container at minimum 60% which would be $1080 minus the cost to purchase is $870.

Therefore compared to the cost of the normal rental it is already $175 more cost effective than renting. The purchasing of containers or trailers are much more cost effective than traditional rentals with our buy back program that is unique in the industry.[/vc_column_text] [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]All of our rental equipment can be purchased at any time and we also offer rent to own options and buy back options to help you save your money. We are the only company that offers the most flexible and cost effective solutions for your mobile storage or moving needs in the industry.

Among the services we offer include insulated shipping containers for long-term storage solutions and trailer rentals for flexible and/or mobile storage solutions. Our insulated shipping containers are meant to protect goods from unwanted exposure to harsh external conditions during storage and transport. Our trailer rentals, on the other hand, are intended for individuals who want a flexible warehouse on wheels type of storage. Both our containers and trailer rentals are secured and well-maintained, providing highly reliable protection and transportation of your goods and cargos. Moreover, we ship in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Hamilton, London, the rest of CA, and abroad.

Whether you’re in need of a good insulated container for a temperature-sensitive cargo or you simply want a trailer rental for convenient and cost effective storage purposes, we’ve got you covered. Get our customized storage and shipping solutions now by giving us a call. We move contents in CA such as Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria and any other city or town in Canada and anywhere else in the world.

Please call us to find out how much we can save you on your next mobile storage requirement. 1 (855) 224-2221

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