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Container homes require thorough research and planning. You must consider many factors to ensure your container home is safe and comfortable. Container homes are becoming more and more popular due to their durability, strength, and cost. They’re highly customizable if you work with the right team of professionals.

Containers R Us is your trusted Canadian shipping container and construction company with the combined insight of 30 years in our industry, we are your one-stop-shop for storage, long-distance moves, and refrigeration containers. We’ll provide you with the blueprints you’ll need in order to get a permit. With our residential container construction services, we provide design, architecture, structural engineering, and all the details you need for a smooth construction. We thoroughly follow Canadian building codes to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Containers are the future of housing

As the cost of owning a home becomes less accessible for the majority of the people, solutions and alternatives arrive. Container homes are increasingly popular for several reasons. First, they’re customizable due to the material and shape. It’s common to see containers repurposed for architecture. They’re designed to be stacked, so they can support heavy loads. This also makes them quite resistant to harsh weather, something you look for in a house.

Container construction requires a different set of skills than conventional construction. The main reason is that you need to weld or drill the attachments of the container. As opposed to the conventional construction method that requires framing for example. Containers are super available, you can get a used container or a new one. Either way, container construction is highly customizable.

Work with experts

As we previously stated, container homes require thorough research and planning. Only a team of seasoned experts will be able to transform an inhabitable shipping container into a home. Call Containers R Us for a fully-functional but permanent residence made out of containers. Have a home that reflects you at an affordable rate.

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